Wild Horses on CNN

Click the link below to see the CNN News Report on Sept 23, 2009!

I Just Saw This on CNN.com: Wild horses sold to slaughter?

Although CNN Suggests that these 57 Pryor Horses could very well be sent to slaughter, I feel very positive that they will be adopted out, and the older horses will be purchased outright thanks to Ginger Kathrens, The Cloud Foundation, and all of the media on this story… I hope that they get good homes!  The adoption is tomorrow!



2 Comments to “Wild Horses on CNN”

  1. As a Horse Advocate and Social worker I can speak for those who can’t speak, even muted ones.
    I speak for our American Wild horses ~ They are our National Treasure to ROAM in freedom as a symbol of our freedom for man/animal to conserve of our natural beauty and ethical values of altruistic love.

    Equines are
    our birth right ~ including the ancient bond with the dawn horse (our USA Mustangs.)
    I support views of Dr Patricia Haight, Julieanne French, John Muir and President Teddy Roosevelt, Velma Johnson and PBS And Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation, as well as Ginger Kathrens views as my views for these pristine centurions.
    I will continue to assist these Wild Horse and speak of Wild Horses as companions, as history and to connection to our spirits of unconditional love.

    Will man break their ancient bond with history ~ time will only tell.

    I truly hope NOT!!
    Wild Horses are not hobby horses to be tossed in a cart when we are done with their use.

    I don’t understand why we always abuse them ,distroy them or ship them. We do this to anything we hold near and love and later build a fake statue to a old memory. We don’t want to kill the spirit of the West.

    Maybe Wild Horses are just to be looked at and we uphold a value of trust, courage, pride we will allow an animal to set the pace for ethical values rather humans weaknesses and destruction.
    If we destroy the horses we are the next large mammal in the food chain ~ our we next?

    Lets not shot our chain of life in the heads or the foot.Sterilizing love is not way to keep Wild horses as a species alive but only to Manage them into Extinction. We will lose as to loss a being of nature. We can even buy back again in the future . They will be long GONE.
    We are all connected in the chain of life ~ we harm Wild horses ~ we harm ourselves.

    Lets do ourselves better.
    I am writting Micheal Moore athttp://www.michaelmoore.com/submit

    after I saw the George Knapp Investigation.
    at http://www.lasvegasnow.com/Global/story.asp?S=11285225

    (or) Go to the Cloud Foundation ~ Executive Ginger Kathren at http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/

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