Contact your Senator to vote YES for the ROAM ACT (S 1579)!

Think about this in a financial way if you are not a fan of America’s Wild Horses…

1> A main reason why so much land has been taken away from the wild horses is for cattle.

2>  Ranchers pays $1.35 PER COW/CALF pair PER MONTH to graze on BLM Land. – a very small amount of income.

3>  The percentage of beef that Americans consume from the cattle fed on BLM land is something like 5% per year. – a very insignifigent amount.

4> This is the same land that BLM claims cannot support wild horses, and they ‘may starve or are starving’.

5> We taxpayers are paying someone $100,000 PER DAY (around $3 per horse everyday) for the BLM to maintain the 33,000 wild horses that have been captured and removed from their designated land, and are being held in long-term holding facilities.  (Then there is the costs of the roundups – read below)

What the BLM is doing, does not make financial sense, and its poor land & animal management –  with our tax money! 

The proposed ROAM ACT will allow the captured wild horses to be able to roam again on some of the 19.4 Million Acres that have been taken from them since 1971 when the Wild Horse & Burro Act was first passed.

Not only will it give the captured Wild Horses their deserved freedom, but it will save us money!

Again, please contact your Senator & Congressmen to VOTE YES on The ROAM ACT (S. 1579)!

* The BLM is having a ‘Public Advisory Board Meeting’ on Sept 28th in Arlington, VA.

* Advocates are meeting September 29, 2009 in Washington DC for ‘MUSTANG ON THE HILL’ to support passage of the ROAM ACT, and Press Conference.

Call 719-633-3842 to learn more about attending!



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