Third Cloud Movie, Oct 25th, on PBS

‘Cloud, Challenge of the Stallions’
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Program: Nature

Episode: Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions

The continuing saga of Cloud, the wild, white stallion of the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. Now a confident band stallion in his prime, Cloud rules the mountains, gathering mares and expanding his reign, as the story turns to his two sons: Bolder is his by birth and Flint, sired by another stallion, who Cloud raised. Will nature or nurture produce the next great stallion of the Arrowheads?
Premiere Date: 10/25/2009
TV Rating: NR


Conquistador. Rounded-up & adopted in Sept 2009










Do not miss this wonderful episode on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses by Ginger Kathrens!  I know that I will love this movie, but will be sad too when watching and knowing that several of the horses are now gone.

Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions premieres Sunday, October 25 (check local listings).

If you missed the first two installments, watch Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies and Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns online.


3 Comments to “Third Cloud Movie, Oct 25th, on PBS”

  1. Finally! Forewarning of a date. Missed the last two and I doubt pokey computer will play them online. I may try though!
    What could be more beautiful than a wild horse? What could be a greater symbol of American independence and tenacity?

  2. Hi, all. I contacted KLAS-TV to find out what their policy is on other stations airing Knapp’s report. They have reciprocal agreements with all CBS affiliates. All other networks can call KLAS-TV to get information on running the program.

    We should all start calling our local stations to air the report. The more calls, the better chance we have of getting this much needed information out to the public. I’m sure you all agree that the I-Team report, The Stampede to Oblivion, was outstanding. It was factual and the most informative media segment we’ve seen on what is really going on behind the extinction of our wild horses and burros.

    In addition, the person I spoke to said that CNN has aired some of their reports so that is another media we should also include in our calls. I would also include WGN (Chicago-773.528.2311). They broadcast on cable throughout the country.

    If the stations want to contact the KLAS-TV newsroom, the number is 702.792.8870.

    Please cross post this far and wide and ask everyone to start calling their local stations!


    George Knapp
    cc. gn
    I support The efforts of the Cloud Foundation and all Wild Horse Advocates.

  3. Wow! Christmas is coming! Have a happy holidays and great post!

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