So sad … McCullough’s Round Up

Bridger - McCullough Peaks Wild Stallion

Bridger - McCullough Peaks Wild Stallion - one of my favorites!

Bridger, McCullough Peaks Stallion

Bridger, McCullough Peaks Stallion - he is beautiful! My fav!

Title 'The Chase' McCullough Peaks

Title 'The Chase' McCullough Peaks - The little Pinto is fiesty!

McCullough Peaks in black & white.  A fast summer storm approaching.

McCullough Peaks in black & white. A fast summer storm approaching.

McCullough Peaks, one of my favorite places to visit while in Wyoming!  My two young children, husband, and I have visited this Range several times since my first visit in 2004.   My children, then aged 6 years and 9, both had a wonderful time -eventhough we were in the ‘middle of nowhere’ – they never have been ‘bored’ like kids often get after several hours.  It is such a wonderful experience to take the next generation into the Wild Horse Ranges!  My kids have even said they like it better than Yellowstone at times! WOW!

I am thankful that we have had the chance to visit, but I am so nervous & worried for the horses.  Which ones will the BLM take away?  Bridger my favorite?

Sadly, I cannot be there during the round-up.  Before BLM released these round-ups, I had already booked these dates.

This round-up is unnecessary right now and its so sad that the BLM are removing 122 horses!

Whenever we visit, we are lucky if we see about 40-50 head.

Right now the BLM is the Wild Horses greatest enemy with these large round-ups.


2 Comments to “So sad … McCullough’s Round Up”

  1. I feel your pain. I witnessed a round up in Challis, Idaho this summer that broke my heart in a million pieces. I’ve been photographing this herd for 5 years. Here’s a link to what I saw…

  2. for everyone’s info – looks like the McCullough Peak babies have landed at the Mantle ranch in Wyoming. I receive new postings via email on Mantle mustangs through “photobucket” and that’s how i found out. assuming they will care for and work with the young ones throughout the winter and then put them up for adoption. at least the babies are with good, kind horsemen. contact Steve Mantle via BLM website for more info.

    i’ve prayed that all the little ones get good, caring, forever adoptive homes. are they ever pretty.

    peaceful Christmas to all you caring folks. me and my 4 beloved equines are busy getting through another upper peninsula of michigan winter. what fun.

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