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March 30, 2010

Wild Horse Annie Book


see the book trailer…

March 30, 2010

BLM’s Round-up Schedule for 2010

Here is a link to more round-ups at the taxpayer’s expense.

March 30, 2010

BLM wants 1000 more Wyoming Mustangs rounded-up

Bridger - McCullough Peaks Wild Stallion

The Bureau of Land Management, has proposed the removal of 1,000 more Wyoming Mustangs claiming that 1.7 million acres of public, wild horse designated lands can support no more than 1165 mustangs spread over the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Herd Management Areas.   Please take time to write BLM and Obama today.   In Defense of Animals has set up an easy-action form here – write today, comments due by Friday, April 2nd.

In all my years of photographing the Wyoming Wild Horses, I have never seen starving horses – except for one old & sick mare that I once observed at winter.    Please taks action if you enjoy Wild Horses and want to preserve this historic icon for our future generations.

March 30, 2010

Texas lost its Wild Horses

Did you know that Texas alone use to have over 1 million wild horses?

   Independent analysis of BLM’s own numbers reveal there may be only 15,000 wild horses currently remaining on public lands…. thousands fewer than when the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Law was passed.

·      Very few herds left in the wild are genetically viable (meaning over 150 adults, allowing for herd to sustain itself)

·      It costs the American taxpayers over $110,000 a day to feed the 36,0000 wild horses the government has moved from the range to short and long-term holding (that is $44 million cost annually to American taxpayers).

·      BLM proposes to roundup an nearly 12,000 more wild horses and burros this fiscal year alone, likely only 3000 will be adopted

The BLM is always asking for more money, a larger budget, to store wild horses in holding pens…. ‘for the good of the horse’.

Please take a stand for Wild Horses!

March 22, 2010

77 Wild Horses Dead from Calico Roundups

So sad, literally depressing!

I just LOVE photographing and watching the wild horses, and I visit the wild herd areas as often as I can. To see that magical ‘wild spark’ in their eyes, with their ears perked toward you… their full attention aimed at you as they determine if you are friendly.

Horses have amazing senses, and unlike cattle, are indeed a true companion. (I’ve raised both)

Not only is the recent death tolls unacceptable, but the costs of the roundups are outragous!

RENO, Nev. — Activists in Nevada are questioning the rising death toll from a government roundup of wild horses from the range north of Reno.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman JoLynn Worley says 77 mustangs involved in the Calico Mountains Complex gather have died so far – 70 at a Fallon facility where they were taken and the rest at the roundup site.  That’s nearly double the 39 horses that had died when the roundup of 1,922 horses concluded on Feb. 5.

Calico Roundup- Death Toll Continues to rise 13 March 2010 BLM is “Processing” Calico Horses Now that the Roundup is Over 1922 mustangs captured, 610 estimated left on the range.

At least 77 horses have died and 40 some mares have had late term spontaneous abortions.  Foals are being born in the pens now.   The death toll continues to rise in the Fallon feedlot-style facility where the Calico mustangs are held.  Two foals have died after their hooves began falling off.

Nearly 12,000 wild horses and burros are to be rounded up and removed from their homes this year at a cost of over $32 million in taxpayer dollars.

Be sure to check the Cloud Foundation Blog for frequent updates.  Wild horses are outnumbered on our public lands at least 100:1 by privately-owned livestock on our public lands and although federally-protected by the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Act, are not being treated as such on their designated western public lands, 24+ MILLION acres of which have been taken away since the Act’s passage.

Please take a stand for the Wild Horses!