The numbers…

1900:  There were approx. 2 million wild horses roaming free in Western America.

In 1971, thanks to Wild Horse Annie, in which the BLM employees fought against, a Federal Law was passed protecting Wild Horses & Burros.
1971:    approx 54,000-60,000 Wild Horses were in the wild and 54 million acres was set aside for the horses – because that is where they were already established and roamed.

2011:   less than 20,000 Wild Horses are left in the wild and approx 1/2 of the land (about 25 million acres+) has been quietly taken away from the horses.   Many more horses are being held in holding pens at a huge daily taxpayers expense.

The BLM is telling the public that there are too many Wild Horses, and that they need to be rounded-up  for their own benefit.  Of course.

What do you think?  Is this fair?


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